About Us

White Sage Skincare was created by a mum to suit her families sensitive skin and chemical sensitivities.

White Sage Skincare's ethos is: Clean, Simple, Natural, Effective, Worry Free, Stress Free

The Founder Lucy Has this to Say:

Everything is formulated with sensitive skin in mind. We want skincare we can feel confident about, not more toxins to worry about. We want to know we are optimising what nature and the earth have to offer our sensitive skins that don't synergise with chemicals (and why should they!?). We want products we are happy to use on our children's skin, so natural they can be used by the whole family from the first few months. We want products to put a smile on our face, not worry lines. We want to know what is in our products, and that every ingredient has been scrutinised, so you don't have to do it. I want to produce products that care for you as much as you care for yourself. I'm not selling cars, there's no need for a sales pitch, decent skincare is a need not a want, and these aren't just products, they are a lifestyle choice. Whatever your reason to switch, we are here to make life a little easier.